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Can we really have a better world tomorrow? Absolutely yes, but your help is needed.

I was born and raised in the 20th Century. A century famous for its conflict, it is also a century that started many things to give us hope for a better world in the future. The movement towards universal human rights and advances in communication technology that brings us all closer together are just two of many in a developing new system for positive change.

As a member of the current younger generation, you were most likely born in the 20th Century, but are being raised in the 21st. What event(s) do you see in your lifetime that have helped you feel positive about the future of your world? I would respectfully suggest the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as the #1 example. Started at the United Nations Millennium Summit in 2000, the member states unanimously agreed to cut extreme poverty in half by 2015. That historic goal has now already been met.

At this moment in time the UN is debating new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By the end of 2015 you can be assured that they will be accepted with the main goal of eliminating extreme poverty in the world by 2030. In 2030 your generation will be in the prime of your life. Envision what your world would be like without extreme poverty. It really can happen and your generation has an important role to play in achieving it. You need to be part of the solution to eliminate this evil from society. Use your education to broaden your perspective on global issues and be part of the solution to global problems. Help bring human dignity to the masses of impoverished people and eliminate much of the cause of conflict in your world. Be the first generation to show what it means to be a global citizen.

Go for it.

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