CRF Tanzania Young Reporters reflect on their experience covering the PMNCH Partners' Forum

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Neema from Tanzania, Mwanza

"I enjoyed the trainings, they enabled me to do good interviews, on locations and audio commentaries as well as the energisers Aunty Farhana played with us. The best part of the forum was my interview with Mama Graca Machel and the hug that followed ofcourse. I got more education on maternal and child healthcare issues. It's been great!"

Caroline from Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam

"I also enjoyed the training, especially the new skills i got on on location interviews. I never had any knowledge on on location format. I enjoyed Alexander, the people there were friendlier then the people in Sandton. My best experience in the forum was interviewing Mr. Kebwe S Kebwe (Deputy Minister of Health in Tanzania)"

Abdul from Tanzania, Zanzibar

"I enjoyed the training, learning interview and on location formats. The visit to the Alexander clinic was also a highlight. I've also enjoyed being in South Africa. I'm also happy to ave seen the Nelson Mandela statue in the square!"

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