Cyber dialogues to curb violence against women and children

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16 Days of activism against children and women abuse

In South Africa, as in other Southern African countries, the period between 25 November and 10 December marks the campaign against women and child abuse. During this period, various activities take place to bring awareness against gender based violence and brainstorm ways to end this scourge. Among all these initiatives, the one that appeals to me most is the Cyber Dialogues which facilitates on-line discussions amongst different people, from professionals, experts to ordinary people and victims to share their experiences as well as propose and brainstorm solutions on the on-line chat-room. Some of the themes around Gender Based Violence this year are: peace at home; national action plans to end gender based violence; speaking out - the "I" stories; sexual harassment; reducing gender based violence through economic empowerment; the role of men and boys as well as the role of culture, religion and tradition.

These dialogues are facilitated by Gender Links (a Southern- African NGO). I believe that these dialogues are very important and need to be made accessible to everyone, everywhere, including the children and the youth, so as to facilitate behavior and attitude change because it is through the dialogues of this kind that root causes of GBV as well as contributing factors get identified and solutions are collectively found. We need a world where women and children feel safe and free, and through cyber dialogues we are likely to find solutions to GBV and ways to implement those solutions.

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