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Background David's Hope & Rescue Centre(DHRC) started as a dream In 2008, David Onyango Ochola from Kenya was inspired by the Spirit of God, who at the time was a student of Bible and Theology/Counseling at Karen Christian College in Kenya, which during his time used to volunteer around Nairobi to work in orphanages and children’s home. David would always visit orphanages to visit the children and he wondered what he can do to help these underprivileged kids. It was here that he dreamed of providing these children with a loving home, an education and some much needed medical care. David kept the dream alive of one day building a home. After further discussions with his friends and the family members he decided to contact the volunteers that he befriended during her time working as a volunteer. Nearly everyone He contacted said that it was also a dream of their own and would help out in any way possible. In 2009, David and his mother was left with the task of taking care of his siblings and the children of his uncles who died. He was having a big task of looking food for 20 children and clothing's, medical and shelter, education and other basic needs. This he deed with the support of some of his friends whom he had been studying with at the Theological school until June 2011 when he was away in Rwanda Kigali for a Mission to preach and teach youths, when he came back he found her mother had found five children on the bus stop next to where they live in Kisumu. This children were hopeless, hungry and looking very regretful why they were born. Her Mother took them home and did report to the Authorities, but after thorough investigation, it was found that they are among the children left behind after the death of their parent in 2007/08 post election violence. David decided to remain with them and he is now taking care of 25 children at their home.

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