Deadly drought demonstrates the dryness of hearts

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Having observed the deadly drought in the dry zone of Sri Lanka, I suppose I will put a small note on it as the image of either drained women who walk four or five miles carrying baskets and bottles in search of drinking water. Or maybe ro the exhausted children selling few fruits by the road beneath the heavy sunshine while travelling. Thus I pondered the uncomfortable lifestyle that declares the situation which is getting worse.

Indeed thousand acres of paddy cultivation as well as thousand of crops including coconut and sugar cane have been almost destroyed. Likewise, the year 2012, rice harvest fails to benefit the economy since rainwater heavily affects both agrarian economy and hydropower supply of Sri Lanka. Fortunately, still there is no risk of power cuts as Ceylon Electricity Board has informed us recently. Even if the number of reports of losing harvest is increasing, the government has protested to the request of farmers to accelerate the maximum water supply for paddy fields as the priority should be given to drinking water supply.

Undoubtedly, the poor should be rescued from the drinking water shortage. Nevertheless deficient income of farmers wouldn’t be enough for their underfed children and other requirements. However the bowsers, coming once a week, only for main areas have been throwing out all anticipations of them. Lately the project minister exposed that although people vituperate daily to his office, committed bureaucrats affirm that the problem is being solving in an efficacious manner.

Steadily the poor will be hit the hardest. Who will foster the oppressed natives? Recurrence of risk is predicated the lack of the far sighted, strategic policies. By the same token, water mismanagement and risk mismanagement is excessively high. Early warnings would have been given if skilled and qualified meteorologists had worked. In fact, farmers would have been provided the guidance in cultivating other crops, benefit in dry climate. Immediately the water supply should be hastened rather than commenting or arguing in parliament.

Of course since the politicians have been elected to serve society, they are engaged in accomplishing at least the basic necessity such as water and food. Exploitation of power of politicians overwhelms the future of innocent children. While the low income is interfered with education, who would be responsible for the progress or development of the country? Further, as I have observed the corresponding capacity of year 2012 drought, the failing of rice harvest increases seafood prices while electricity prices are increasing largely due to the lack of heavy rain.

Notwithstanding the confutation is still deferred owing to the late reaction of responsible authorities, inasmuch indigent race weightily suffer.

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