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To all those persons that need some motivation to change the world- you're not alone.

To all those persons that need some motivation to change the world- you're not alone.

This piece belongs to a three-part series written by Kelepi Baba, Monica Angulo and Leah Davidson

The world is changing. It always has, but nowadays it’s happening so quickly that we barely notice. Climate change, and other global problems that we face now, may seem too overwhelming at times that we can feel down - like we can’t do anything to address them, but we can actually take action to stop them. No matter where we stand, we can always take big or small actions that at the end will have an impact. So, for anyone who ever feels helpless or unmotivated, we (Kelepi, Leah and Monica) have decided to write three letters to remind you that nothing is impossible and that you can change the world.

Dear future leaders,

We have the future of the world in our hands, and it’s our duty to make it the best as possible. We are conscious of the challenges that humanity is facing nowadays, like terrorism and climate change to mention a few, but this doesn’t make us feel hopeless- rather the total opposite. The challenges we are facing are the main reason for us to change the world we live in, and you are probably already doing something to address them. We are the generation of change. In fact, we are the change.

We are not a quiet generation, but rather a revolutionary one- one where a teenage Pakistani girl risks her life to stand up for girls’ right to education. On her way home from school, Malala Yousafzai was only 15 years old when she was shot by the Taliban for her strong activism on girls’ education. She is just as fearless now as she was back then, still fighting for girls’ education and inspiring others with her words.

We are breaking paradigms and modifying stereotypes, consequently changing the society we’ve been raised in. From a society where people often feel like they must conform to fit into one that is open to others being their true-selves.

We stand up and fight for what we believe in. From using social media to walking out on the streets and participating in protests to raise awareness and show that we care. We constantly think about how we can make a difference; even though some of us are not able to vote in our countries yet. We want to speak up and express what we believe.

We are making history. We are reinventing and creating new things, like apps, every single day; we are innovating and revolutionizing the technology that surround us. An Indian teenager, Rifath Shaarook, just invented the world’s lightest functioning satellite (0.14 lb) which will be launched by NASA on June of this year. This shows the creativity and capacity of ourselves. Thanks to all the technology and resources we have around us, it’s easier to have access to knowledge that can lead to a better world.

If we all join our forces and believe in ourselves, we can and we will reach our goals. It’s just a matter of opening our eyes and looking around us to see that we need to stand up and fight for. We have the power inside us, we just need to be fearless and let it shine.

Yours sincerely,

Monica Angulo

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