Dear VOY, I Love You So Much: You Rocked My 2013 !!

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I write this post, as my response and answer to the questions which was published by Voices of Youth, entitled “Tell us what ROCKED about your year!” ( In this post, I will share about my happiness, my achievements in 2013 and my goals or plans for 2014. I am really happy to be able to write this kind of post because for me, it’s all about the happiness and dreams. Believe it or not, but my happiness in 2013 started with Voices of Youth.

I become a member of Voices of Youth on July 25th 2013. That was in the Fasting Month. When most of the people in Indonesia had the holiday season, including me, who spent the holiday in some internship programs as an announcer, secretary at Radio Cindranada Awigra, Palangkaraya and a teacher in a rural place in Central of Borneo. But I was not satisfied of my work because I think those were not enough to fill up my free time in the three months of holiday.
In order to satisfy myself, I tried to find any other jobs or internship programs and the first website that I visited, was definitely “UNICEF”. To work for and with UNICEF is my biggest desire since I was a kid, it has began when I was in 5th grade in Elementary School. When my teacher, Mr. Sutikno proudly told us (the students) about the United Nations and many non-profit organizations in it. Then, why did I choose UNICEF? At that time, my reason was really simple: because I love children.
Back to July 2013, the time when I feel really blessed and happy in the holy month. The search engine successfully took me to a very interesting result:
“Voices of Youth” is UNICEF's global online community where children & youth learn about their rights; share their views on issues that matter; discuss and ..."

So I clicked it and “Voila” !!! I found a very great place for me to share about my thoughts, to join the debate (My 1st comment was in the“Gender Inequality” debate), and to read and comment on many articles. The other special thing is “The Guide to Action” which clearly explained “How to start the Action” to make a difference or to do something better in the society. I thought I needed to start from something small. Making an account on VOY was one of many small things that I did. But who knows, even though it was just a small thing, VOY has opened a big way to ROCK my year.

My 1st post on VOY was about a boy who has to face poverty and working as a beggar in Jakarta. I’ve published 22 posts (including this one) until December 26th, and there are some posts that I really love. It wasn't because I am really good in writing or something, but it is because the big gift that I got.
What gift? First, I finally got my little step to know more and have a little conversation with UNICEF Indonesia, because they interested with my article entitled “#DayofTheGirl; When a Little Girl Speaks about Happiness”, and they happily posted it in UNICEF Indonesia’s blog. The story was about the girl named Ramonah who working as a street singer and define the “Happiness” as the time when she can go to school with her friends. You can go to this link to find out more about her story. ( and you can also visit UNICEF Indonesia’s blog to read it in Bahasa Indonesia (

Second, VOY is my lovely supporter who gives me the braveness to talk to the inspiring people from around the world. VOY also make me want to know more about “What’s Wrong with This World?” And try to find the solution, starting with a very simple act like writing and sharing it. I really love to write about the inspiring people because I want to tell to the world and especially the youth, that we actually are really strong and everything is possible when we have a dream and work hard to get it. Don’t forget to work in togetherness, because we can’t walk alone to reach our dreams, we need supporters and many people to help us. Yup!! The statement above is the beautiful message from those inspiring people. They are; Sam J. Chalhoub, a Psycho-social Animator who working in the refuge of Children of Syria in Beirut, Lebanon. He said “The best part of my job is when I greet the children every day at the door, because I can see the excitement waiting outside. I enjoy my job, giving support, drawing smiles and feeling at home”. Because for him, “Life is About Sharing the Happiness and Kindness” you can go to this link to know more about him and his job (

The next person is Suhariyanto, a young man who made “Pohon Cita-Cita” or “The Tree of Dreams” for his students and teach them that “ We must study and work hard to catch our dreams and not to forget to arrange the way to reach them”. I recommend you to make your own “Pohon Cita-cita” just like him in this story ( Another inspiring activity came from Yuricho Billy and his friends who shared the happiness and moral lesson to the children through the Story Telling (
VOY always gives the youth a big chance and opportunity to be a part a competition, like “The Guardian Writing Contest” and “Anti-Bullying Design”, I also really grateful for emerging the TOP 2 in the design contest. Believe it or not, it was my first time joining a design competition because I usually become a participant in the Singing or Poetry Competition.
For the "Speak about Anti-Bullying" feature, I really thank Kate, for the advice for my little research about “Bullying among the Junior-High and High-School Students in Jakarta”. You can go to this link to see the result ( I also give my big love and hug to Julie, who always appreciate my creativity in painting or making the video. Then I send my biggest smile to the VOY team and especially the editor who always be ready to “Clean Up” my “Messed Up” grammar and any mistakes in my article hahaha (^_^)v. I promise to improve my writing skills, so that you will have more time to drink a cup of coffee or read the newspaper in the morning.

So, if you asked me;

“What was the most important lesson you learned this year? And What was the most inspirational/awesome thing that happened to you?”

The story above is my best answer; from VOY I learned, I got the Inspiration, I met many awesome people and I believe in my dreams. I believe that I can catch my dreams with the hard work and faith. And I believe that “a little step” will lead me to “a bigger way”.

For the next year, I will more focus on improving my writing skills, teaching the children, learning how to be the one of VOY mappers and I will prepare and do my best to get the Scholarship in India. So India, be ready for me J !! Thank You dear VOY team and UNICEF, I Love you so much!

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