Death for Differences

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Imagine having a secret that separates you from everyone else, and if you ever share this secret to anyone the government will send you to prison or even kill you. Unfortunately, some people have to live this way every day. They have to hide who they really are in fear for their lives, but these people’s secret is being gay. Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan are only a couple countries around the world where homosexuality is illegal. In these countries homosexual acts can be punished by death. About 75 countries around the world have regulations that outlaw homosexuality.

First of all, homosexuality is the attraction to someone of the same gender, and there are many different types of it. Lesbian, bisexual, and gay are only a few of the titles given to those who are homosexual. Together, they are called the LGBT community, and for years they have been fighting to get rights just like everyone else in the world. Only a couple years ago did the US, in 2015, and the UK, in 2013, legalize gay marriage, and they're some of the strongest, most powerful countries in the world. To me that's a huge step up in the world, and other smaller countries should follow in their steps.

For years, homosexuality had never even been seen as a characteristic or apart of someone. It was first thought of as a disease or a mental disorder; some people still think it is. Even some religions, such as certain denominations of Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism, are against it.

Being homosexual is not a crime, it's not a disease, and it's definitely not a mental disorder. People are born with it just like someone is born left handed. It's something apart of our lives, and it's what makes us different. Now, we have come a long way with LGBT rights, and I believe we can go further. If we all try, we will be able to make the world equal for everyone and eliminate any threats for what makes us unique.

I'm not saying that all religions are wrong, I completely respect everyone's religion, but most religions are against the act of being gay, not the actual people who are gay. So, if your religion is against the act, then you as an individual shouldn't do it. That doesn't mean you should hate everyone who was born gay, and you shouldn't try to change them. Nobody has control over everyone, but everyone has control over themselves. People need to stop trying to fix everyone to fit their definition of "perfect." We're all made to be ourselves and live life how we want, and no religion, government, or law should take that opportunity away from us.

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