Digital Diaries: "I want to show others the atmosphere in the camp…"

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"Through my pictures, I want to show others the atmosphere in the camp and that it’s very hard living here,” says 17 year old Amjad. “We suffered back home and came to the camp as refugees. Now we have to endure life here.”

Digital Diaries

Amjad, a refugee at the Za'atari refugee camp in northern Jordan, takes part in the Digital Diaries and photojournalism workshop. The three-month photography project was in partnership with Save the Children and UNICEF as a way to encourage young people in the camp to create memories, and recover from conflict and displacement. Agnes Montanari, a French photographer believes that “even if they are in a refugee camp...their life still has to have a meaning.”

How do the diaries help with recovery and opening up?

The young people and children in the refugee camp need a change. “What happens when your brain has been overloaded, you can really only see what is in front of you and what your immediate needs are,” says UNICEF Child Protection Specialist Jane MacPhail. “This [project] retrains the brain to focus on something and to experience the joy of seeing something different. The kids have become much more focused and more excited about the small things in life.” So, what's the new focus? Reconnect with their families.

WATCH Amjad open up about his experience in Za'atari and Preview the Digital Diaries:

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