Diversity: What is most important to us?

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The world. It is culturally diverse, it used to be such that each country has its own peculiar culture which is present only in it, but now countries have a diversity of cultures. Cities have cultural diversity as well, along with schools, families and even single human beings hold in themselves a harmonious mixture of so many cultures. This wasn't the case before, but due to evolution it has become so.

When we think of the well being of human beings, when we think of making them feel fulfilled in this world, the major focus is on their needs. They do need a house, food and water, and they may need high standards of living.

However, what is most important to human beings?

Our relationships with others. Our social interactions. Our inclusion in social groups. Being loved and cared for by others. Being accepted with our differences, without feeling judged or being caught in prejudices and stereotypes.

What mostly hardens this harmony between us is our differences in beliefs, religions, traditions, etc.. Basically, everything that a culture consists of. If there is no understanding and acceptance of each other's culture how can human beings feel complete? How can they take decisions and make everyone happy?

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