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Youths are the most responsible age group of the world. About one fifth of the world’s population is supposed to be composed of youths between 16-24 years. So, we youths must be responsible for our living planet; for its peace, prosperity, & sustainability from our own level. It is true that we can’t make donations of millions but we can bring change in our societies by the action of volunteerism.

Today I want to request every youths of the world to do at least one activity for the sustainability of nature which may range from planting a tree in the home ground to civic education for environment protection. The simplest major to contribute to our mother earth is ‘TO AVOID PLASTIC BAGS’. Every day we use the materials bought from the market which we bring home in plastics bags although we know that they are non-degradable & harmful to our planet. But now it is the time to change our habit & to avoid plastic bags. I myself am engaging in plastic avoiding campaign on my own, after Hetauda Municipality banned the use of black polythene bags from the municipality.

Our one thoughtful action of avoiding plastic bags or even closing taps while brushing can help our planet to be sustainable. Maybe our efforts may seem small or negligible at present but if we millions of youths around the world can give our small efforts, one day our small effort will certainly prove to be drastic step for the conservation of nature.

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