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After shaking the nation by the Delhi rape case people have thought for the same for months and months and have tried to develop apps for the safety of women. But will these apps work? Will these apps help men to respect women?

According to my perspective I feel that its awe-inspiring that people have designed these apps for the safety of women and for providing a better atmosphere for the women to live in. But the question is –is technology a thing we can blindly trust? My answer to this would be – “technology is a thing we cannot always trust .It might even cheat us some day - for example if a women is in danger and she needs help but because her phone’s battery is down or there is no network she might be in tough situation and there are many such possibilities.” As well as what about the women who do not carry a smart phone, we cant take their safety for granted?

Technology is not a solution by which a man could respect a women there should be better options than an app on a phone by which men understands what Importance does a women play in the men’s life. And if they do not respect women, then what the consequences would be like. And I believe a person should always think twice before taking a wrong step cause that one wrong step could ruin a an entire family.

And remember today it is somebody else's sister, tomorrow it could be your sister...think about it from their perspective and you will feel the pain...

CREDITS : Krishna ma'am (thank you for making me aware bout this topic)

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