Does the weather determine what you do outside?


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Hi, my name is Carlos and I'm just here to tell you that you can have fun outdoors for free and how it could it even be rewarding in some circumstances.

I live in a city that is located right on Lake Erie so the fishing possibilities are endless. I have developed a love, or a passion, for fishing when I was a small child. I love the fact that you can catch fish for dinner or just for fun with a 2 dollar box of worms while enjoying the great outdoors. There's nothing more exciting than feeling a bite on the end of your line and pulling up a fish. Can you imagine catching dinner WHILE getting fresh air and soaking in the sun's rays? Unimaginable!! Although it is nice to have a nice fish dinner, it's also important to respect your state's and/or country's environmental laws. These laws will ensure a healthy population and so that generations in years to come will enjoy catching them. Although fishing is my ideal thing to do outdoors, there are plenty of other things. Even if you don't fish, just go for a walk by the river while the salmon are spawning to get quite a show of the leaping fish.

During the fall, take a bike ride in the crisp air and just admire the amazing colors, or go for a nice jog. In the spring time, just go outside and witness the amazing show of birds returning and everything springing back to life. When winter time comes, don't let the cold stop you because you can go sledding or tubing or skiing or snowboarding! Don't let your current season dictate whether you can have fun outdoors because there will always be something to do!

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