Don't Shoot 'em Down

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Young children are full of questions and thoughts on the world. It is normal to see a child being shut up by their elders whenever they have a question or something to say. It's actually a huge loss everytime that happens. Because, we learn from the young ones. As inexperienced as they may be, there's always a message behind what they are trying to say.

I, myself, being a teenager have experienced such situations repeated times. Mostly with my parents. Yes, we, young ones are overwhelmed with so much imagination and dreaminess, not to mention a whole bit of curiousity. But has it ever occured to us that youth and children have messages of their own for everyone else? And there is certainly a great deal we can learn from them.

Now, this may not seem like a big issue, probably not just yet. But if you come to think of it, this issue is the kind of thing that make the young ones reluctant to speak out for things like education and other needs.

I hope that this rings a bell for everyone out there. Don't Shoot Them Down. Let Them Speak!

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