Early Christmas Gift


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My Christmas gift came unexpectedly early. I happen to be a big fan of the sport of swimming. In December 2013, I participated in a swimming gala as a technical official.

However, that gala was quite special. This is because the worlds greatest and fastest swimmer, particularly in the swim stroke known as (Fly) graced the gala.

It was such an honour to be in Jason Dunford's presence. At that moment, I knew it was mandatory to kindly request for a photo with the legend and my inspiration.

The remarkable swimmer came to swim for charity in order to assist those young talented aspirants who can't afford to register every now and then for swimming gala's due to lack of funds.

Jason Dunford did not have to speak. The message that oozed from his character is to be humble and continuously grateful to God, his family and his fans.

That was the best Christmas gift ever :)

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