Earth Day: A Reflection

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Sometimes when I don't have anything to do, I usually take my time to daydream. I would picture how the world will look like. And in my daydream, the world just can't get any worse.

The environment is getting worse. Especially in poor countries. The poor gets poorer while the rich are torn between getting poorer or richer. The price will absolutely go up, high. Some places lose their beauty. Some places will not have any access to clean water anymore. The scarcity of water and poverty then will bring those countries into riots. Wars are going to be declared. The word "PEACE" is going to exist only in dictionaries. Animals and plants are getting extinct. Soon, there will be nothing left on this earth.

There is a song called "We Are The World". And if you truly feel that you belong in the world, why don't you start making changes? Do you often throw away small garbage everywhere you like? Imagine there are thousands of people like you. Imagine how much garbage you throw each day. Do you often forget to turn off your lights or television? Imagine how much electricity you could have saved in a year. Do you prefer driving than walking on a short distance? Imagine the fuel you could have saved in a year. Do you hunt extinct animals and cut down trees? Imagine someday the trees are getting scarce and there will be insufficient oxygen supply for you.

You see, posting "Happy Earth Day" each year will not help the earth. There has to be actions. A self-realization that you belong to this earth and that the earth is getting worse. Think about the future. Think about what you wish to see in the future for our earth.

We do not have much time. Every day counts.

By: Amanda Inez ( (twitter: amandainezz)

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