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Today is Earth Overshoot Day in 2014.

This means that humanity has consumed in almost 8 months what the earth could produce in 1 year. So it would be necessary for us to have an-Earth-and-a -half to sustain the 7 billion-population of our planet. Or, to be more clear, our Earth needs 1 year and 4 months to renew the resources we used in 1 year.

As you may expect, this day has occurred sooner and sooner each year. If in 1990 it was December, 24 years later it is August.

Imagine our planet like a credit card. As if we were an employee, we receive an amount of resources of the earth (an employee receives money from the employer), but we exceed this amount, that means we start consuming from resources which are not ours, which weren’t meant for us - we start borrowing resources from the earth. We are in debt, in the red.

And some day we will have to pay this debt. The employee will start putting aside in order to pay his debt. He will reduce the amount of money/resources he spends. Will we be able to do the same? And, more important, why not start today?

A video explaining it better:

Also, this day gives us the opportunity to speak about Ecological Footprint, which "represents the productive area required to provide the renewable resources humanity is using and to absorb its waste.”, according to the Footprint Network website.

And it can be calculated for each one of us - for a company or even a country:

(I posted a picture with the result of this last calculation).

So, calculate your footprint, look up your country and become aware of the situation we are in!

You can change something by doing just one thing! If you don’t have any ideas what to do, just read more on VOY and you’ll find out!

And if you would like to read more on this topics go to :, the website of the organization who has this amazing initiative.They really have an amazing website with lots of information, ready to be discovered!

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