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We often heard the elders told the younger 'you are what you eat'. This indicates the importance of the food you eat. I found that eating habit had become crucial problems in several countries. Although it is not a big problem in Malaysia, it is important for one to have good eating habit. It is because health problems may cause by bad eating habit.

Nowadays, fast food restaurant had dominant the food industry. Every afternoon when i walk by a Mc Donald restaurant near my housing area, it normally filled with a lot of people. This situation jus makes me feel that we need more knowledge about the relationship between food and health approach to teenagers today. Besides, we also need to create awareness of today teenagers and adults about the important of having good eaating habit. People now are busying on their works, earning money and playing games. They have less time on deciding what to eat, therefore they depend on fast food. Unfortunately, most of the fast food they choosen are bad for health.

The society therefore should help in promoting good eating habit in order to create a healthy socirty. I beleived that the expenses used in solving health problems that caused by bad eating habit is a huge amount of money. As a result, good eating habit not only gives us healthy but saves us a lot of money.

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