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On a transit from one part of Nigeria to the other I noticed the highway has really become scanty with bushmeat traders trying to make a living from their game, and my thoughts ran wild. It dawned on me that the Ebola virus has taken a turn on the lives of the local people hunting in the wild to make a living for themselves and families.

The fact became clear, that indeed the western world has gradually taken over our culture in full with fearful stories that our wildlife and delicious bush meats as carriers of the deadly Ebola virus.

In past decades our forefathers fed on fresh bush meat and farm produce yet they lived long and where able to see their great grand children but presently with the advent of Science, technology and development all that has changed, though helpful, but has more pros than cons.

In this generation we have become so scientifically, mentally, socially and morally inclined that we have forget our traditional values and norms to run after the western cultures which has infiltrated our society and left us seeking for more assistance and support from the western world which has given them the opportunity to feed us with their ideologies and lies that Africans cannot survive without the westerners.

From all indications the western world has seen the vulnerability of Africans to infiltrate our thoughts and actions and one of the best ways they achieved this was by using Africa as a test ground where anything goes, in order to take charge and control of our scarce natural resources and biodiversity.

If really bush meat causes Ebola virus why didn't our forefathers die off before producing our generation?

I keep wondering, if the virus is in our forest animals how did they get contaminated and why haven't all the local people eating bush meat as their only sources of protein dead yet, why have they not been Ebola related cases reported before now, why is it now that African is gradually experiencing an economy boom, that's is when this virus came into existence, Why?.

To me Ebola is just another way to place Africans under western control and promotes neoliberalism in a more modernized way in other to sell their ideas to Africans that they need more foreign aid in drugs and in GMOs food supply to meet their protein needs, and make gains so they sell their ideologies to us but as Africans we say no to drugs supplies rather we will create our own drugs and feed ourselves even when they refuse to certify them we will not give up.

So We say no to GMOs, Africa resources should be utilised to develop Africa and not other nations of the world.

Ebola is real yes we know that, but we should not sell our moral and traditional rights just to secure drugs and external aids to cure Ebola, for soon Ebola drugs will be sold just as cheap as any pain relief drug in Africa but much need to done in Africa in terms of developing out research centers and equipping our hospitals only then can we stand out to defend Africa.

Ebola is scare crow but we will not be scared to standout for what we believe, Africa will be great again, Ebola or no Ebola.

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