Educate Not Mutilate in KENYA

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Girls at Oloitoktok, Kenya during Day of the African Child

Girls at Oloitoktok, Kenya during Day of the African Child

It's hard being a Maasai girl living in Oloitoktok, when our fathers want us to marry old men for cows, when our mothers want us to undergo FGM (female genital mutilation). Who can we turn to? Who will help us? We are helpless in this world while they torture our bodies and our sell our lives.

Yesterday in my town of Oloitoktok we celebrated "Day of the African Child". A day when all the children in my town marched strongly chanting "Education is Power" .." Teachers we say NO to FGM" "Fathers we say NO to Child Marriage"

Our day felt strong, it made the adults and the government listen to us. It gave us Hope.

We are all girls who have either run away or been rescued by our teachers and have found safe shelter at the Inkisinjani FGM Rescue Centre which our new mother from the UK has made for girls. Now we have a new family who wants us to study, who protects us and listens to our voices.

We say to all the Children in the world, Education is Power! We all have the right to Education.

I am Beatrice, 15 years old and an orphan. My grandmother wanted to do FGM on me but now I am SAFE.

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