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It is every child's right to get the best education in the world. But when they are in a classroom, the teachers should always give equal rights to all students without seeing their background whether they are poor or rich, dark or fair, a smart student or a failure student. I think it is in the teachers' hands to bring up the failing student to a smart student by encouraging what he or she is best for, but not forcing them to do something they do not like. Every child in this world is born to do something. That is the reason God brought us into this world. And scholarships should also be given to a student with low grades because the student will not apply the scholarship if he or she does not want to study. Adults should learn to take a risk and provide scholarship to students then you will see how hard we work to be the best. Children are the leaders of tomorrow. So there are no failures and smart children. Everyone is the same if equal rights are given.

WE WANT THE BEST EDUCATION!! LET US EARN IT AND WE WILL MAKE THE EARTH PROUD OF US!! If you cannot make the changes we, children, will show you that we will make the changes and make earth a better place for every children from different backgrounds to live..

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