Education Equity Now- Youth Rally Call!

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Many of us here on VOY join in conversations on education and equality for all. Governments and UNICEF this week had a rallying call to get millions of children back to school and learning. We want to share pieces and videos by youth for YOU.

Background on the Event:

Kicking off at the Regional Ministerial Education Conference in Istanbul, 'Education Equity Now, is supported by the Government of Turkey and UNICEF. It calls on 20 governments in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The goal is to get every child into school, every child learning early, every child learning well, and every child supported by a well-governed and well-resourced education system. The event concluded today, and we would like to share stories from youth who are participating in this conference. For your listening and viewing pleasure- you might want to hum along to one of the videos!

All of us share the common desire to have an education”

Youth Representative, Anna Susarenco delivered the conference keynote speech and speaking on behalf of youth. She addressed key issues that affect young people today: children without technology, youth who have their own children, youth with no education, and education and unemployment. Youth Representative Anna Maria Duminica also spoke at the conference. She spoke about inclusion and “believes that all of us share the common desire to have an education.” I wonder how many of us VOY users out there share the same dream as Anna Maria. She also stated that “education is the field of our dreams...Our experiences, our thoughts, our energies (are what will) bring more positive change to education.” Anna Maria was addressing the conference, but to me, her words can speak not just to the conference, but to youth as a whole. What do you think?

Check out these videos!

(1) The first video we bring to you is Nikola's from Montenegro: “I now attend the music high school, where I am involved in integrated education with people without disabilities, but the words of teacher Katica, her soft and wise voice, her teachings, will be embroidered on my soul forever.”

WATCH Embroidered in My Soul:

(2) This second video, We Build the World We Want, is quite similar to a song many of you may know. Special thanks to Lady Gaga for permission to use the music:

“The world we see in this century
It’s not the world we want
We need to work on improving it
We need you all to start and bond”

Stay tuned this week to all tags “Education Equity” on Voices of Youth as we continue to share some of the great articles, pieces, and poems from the young people at the conference.

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