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Suli Breaks - Why I Hate School But Love Education ...

Inspired by this video, I have deeply thought about education and its purpose. Education (what I thought it was) is something you study and learn, but once the exam has been taken what do I do with that knowledge… I doubt that I will never be able to use some topics covered again.

So speaking of education in a place where I am surrounded by four walls, a few windows a white board and a door. I see someone who is there to teach me what is probably only going to be used once and once only in my life. But aside from the typical academic side to education, there is also a realistic side. I can now see what I have learnt in the past by a handful of teachers who have guided me to this point in life has given me something more to reflect on outside of the classroom.

Teachers do their job well, don’t get me wrong but it has only ever been a handful of teachers that have taught me that I can think about the wider world and gain more that the grades that will ultimately take me into higher education.

I believe this video can be interpreted in different ways. To me the speech made in this has caused me to reflect on various education systems and the teachers that deliver them. Are the teachers just giving the students homework? Or are they sending them away with questions that they would want to find out?

Do we need to recreate the definition of educating? Can education be delivered in other ways in order to deliver more than information that some will use? I believe educating girls can empower the definition of education- in the sense that some girls stay within their community and they would probably teach vital skills and knowledge learnt in schools.

I urge you to watch the video and comment/think with your thoughts about the topic.

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