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Photo Courtesy: UNICEF Innovations Social Lab

Photo Courtesy: UNICEF Innovations Social Lab

The day I found out about Lokalizo there were many reasons why I wanted to get involved. I saw the potential of this project has, specifically the ability to create a strong connection between the citizens and the government which is very important, while I also thought that it will be a great opportunity for contributing to this project and gain experience. I also liked the way Lokalizo wants to appeal citizens for making them more responsible for changing their communities.While the idea seemed very interesting to me, I was unsure how mobile applications, kites, and other tools would be used to improve communities, it was something I was very interested to find out.

I was happy to having received the chance to become one of the first people to join the project as a youth mapper, while during the workshop, the presentation of the lokalizo team helped me and my peers to understand how Lokalizo and the activity of youth digital mapping works and how it actually empowers us to start making a difference in our communities. After this event the idea of my contribution to this project turned much more impressive than I anticipated before.

In the days to come the entire team was about to map some neighbourhoods in Prishtina. I was greatly enthusiastic to start the mapping. The big day arrived, we met at the Innovations Lab Kosovo youth center, discussed the plan for the day and then we finally went out in the streets. During the day the rest of the team was very inspiring as we all were discussing about the reality surrounding communities in our countries and the ways we will be able to address the different outstanding problems. The team was also helpful by guiding us on how to proceed, always ready to help out so everything went smooth and I did not encounter any difficulties in this aspect.

We visited the neighbourhood of “Mati” in Prishtina, where our tools found great interest to the citizens living in that part of the city. There were many people who in one way or another showed great interest in our activity and this motivated me personally but also the entire team to continue in our journey. It is probably due to my enthusiasm that made me experience all these moments with the Lokalizo team in such a positive way but in my opinion this movement although in its beginnings will deliver on its promise for empowering the youth.

On the next day of mapping the focus of our team was in urban trafficand the everyday problems related to it. During the mapping we were discussing different ideas for the prevention of problems alike the numerous accidents, which occurred recently in Prishtina, parking cars in the wrong place, etc.

We have now start the post-mapping stage where we plan to carefully review the reports created. We have now started to design the presentation of the most urgent problems which our team is going to address through practical improvements.

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