Eight year old sex addicts???


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This world will never seize to shock us!

This world will never seize to shock us!

A lobby group from the city of Mombasa, Kenya, is advocating for the distribution of contraceptives to Primary School children. Why, you may ask? Well... the group argues that condoms and other contraceptives be given to pupils to reduce sexual immorality.

At this point, you must be paralyzed with shock. This news made me stiffen as little prickles of fear rose on the nape of my neck every second I imagined that this was actually happening. The government of Kenya recently proposed a report which revealed that girls as early as eight years were engaging in sex.

I can't even begin to imagine the countless risks these young girls are likely to receive such as getting infected with life threatening sexual diseases.

Question: "Can an eight year old girl be impregnated?" Hmmm...food for thought!

The group argued that by providing relevant information about reproductive health, STIs, abortion and family planning, safe sex will be promoted. It went further by appealing to parents to join hands and make the proposal a success.

Now, just put yourself in the shoes of a parent and getting a pack of condoms and pills in your precious little girls school bag? What would you do? How would you react and deal with this tricky scenario?

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