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A woman should and is supposed to stay at home, he said.

Her job should be taking care of the kids and the house, while her husband is at work providing for them, he said.

What a sexist, I thought.

What an uneducated, clueless man.

Maybe I am only 17, and I haven’t even finished college yet, and I do stupid things in life because I’m young and reckless, but it’s rather him than me who is completely inappropriate and uncultivated.

What is the difference between a man and a woman? They both have a child and they are both capable of achieving things. So when women build their careers from scratch people attack them, saying they are neglecting their child. When men do the same, they are considered strong and inspirational?

How is this fair?

If I want to be successful and accomplish great things, a child shouldn’t be my limit. I can be a mother and a business woman at the same time. I can multitask, I can do double shifts, I can go days without sleeping, but I can do it. And I feel like I can do it; I am determined to do it. And everyone who thinks less, who believes that women should be tied to their homes, doing nothing to express their ideas and opinions, is stuck in the 19th century society and deserves a click on the refresh button.

So here it goes:

Women are mentally, intellectually and morally equal to men. And they deserve to have the same chances and opportunities to achieve things they dream of. We are all just people: we all wish for things and we all want to achieve something in life and being female should not be a limit.

Yes, women carry children for 9 months in their bodies and during that time a special bond is created between them. And yes, women should be careful and thoughtful with their children, nourishing them and growing them into responsible adults. But, if they have dreams of their own, careers they want to pursue, they shouldn’t feel restrained to do it. Nothing in life is impossible. Yes, it will be hard and yes, a time will come when they’ll just feel like giving up, but that’s exactly why they need to keep going.

Us, girls, women, females, can do it all. And should do it all. We must never give up on our wishes; we should fight for our rightful places, we should achieve great things and we must not let anyone tell us otherwise.

We must not let anyone undermine us.

I will not let anyone undermine me. I am ambitious, maybe too much. And I want to achieve too many things. I want to change the world. And I don’t care that people think that only men are capable of doing it and that it is impossible to do something like that.

Because I will do it.

I will be feminine and masculine - today both terms have a wrong and dated meaning.

I am a girl, a woman, and I am more powerful than all the stereotypes.

There is no power like a woman’s one.

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