Equality a new mission or incomplete one

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Applaud a caring daughter not by saying you are my son; but by saying you are my child. Applaud a brave woman not by saying you are brave like man; but by saying you are brave. If applauded for not being a women but merely acting like a man; how should we take it: as a praise, an insult or a phase of an unexplained inequality?

We are Living in a century where gender equality exists but we stand at a position where it’s just prevailing for the sake of it. We are the survivors of the "unexplained inequality", where we have the right to education, right to work; but what we don’t have is an unbounded freedom.

Girls in the 21st century are willing to shine through their inner light like the sun not like the moon which is dependent to shine. Those days are gone when we wanted others to provide us with opportunities, women in the 20th century have created opportunities for us, it’s time to grab those opportunities and create new ones so that together we become "the voice " for those who are unaware of it. We, the privileged ones who have the opportunity to study and live life with respect should not take it for granted, instead work together to make equality stable.

This phase of unexplained inequality can only come to an end when each one of us will have the right opportunity to maintain our status as equals. It is indeed true that in the 21st century not all girls are falling short of opportunities but till the time even one of us is left or denied, our struggle continues to an extent where our achievements will become our tools to break the barrier of inequality.

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