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"You are the future"- How many times have you heard that sentence? We have been told that we are not responsible for the world we have inherited, but for the future we will build. And in Spain at least, we carry it upon our shoulders.

Youth in Spain have to lead with a very high rate of unemployment. And worse than that, with a lack of future perspective. Waiting for the economy to heal, some young people stay in Spain while many (around 300,000) have emigrated since the start of the crisis to other countries looking for a job.

According to research done by INJUVE youth consider the most important values loyalty, opportunity equality, helping the others and taking care of the environment.

Spanish young citizens are interested in technology, gender equality and the environment. However, religion and politics don't catch their attention as much as the previous. They blame politicians for the crisis they are suffering.

Other research done with university students show they are preoccupied about terrorism (24,6%), drugs consumption (20%), alcohol (19%) and immigration (14%).

But they are willing to change these worries and remedy the mistakes made in the past. I want to talk about an initiative some university students have started. They have written a manifesto to complain about certain attitudes they won't accept in their future. They have called it: "No me da la gana" (It is an expression that could be translated as 'I am not willing to', I don't want to') and these are the ideas they express:

1. We don't want us to be complaining all the time.

2. We don't want any person to be treated without dignity.

3. We don't want to believe that we can be happy without any effort.

4. We don't want to believe love is anything.

5. We don't want anyone to tell us how we should have fun.

6. We don't want to live to have more and more material things.

7. We don't want to get to the highest if in the way I have to walk over other people.

8. We don't want to measure people on their profitability or efficiency.

9. We don't want women to be told how they should be women.

10. We don't want men to be over women.

11. We don't want to be slaves of anything.

12. We don't want to be selfish and forget about the others.

These students have set up a way of changing the wrong behaviours. And that is certainly something to be proud about. Now that we have detected the problem, we have the path and willingness to solve it. What do you think? Would you add any statement to these?

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