Father's day: An Occasion worth Marking!

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Father's Day is a celebration which honors fathers and father-like figures. It also celebrates fatherhood,paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. This day serves as a means to reflect over what fathers have done and the need to show gratitude to them. On days like this, some individuals arrange for presents including electronics,greetings cards,hampers,special dinners and family-oriented activities for their fathers. Truly, fathers deserve to be honored on special days like this.

However,celebration of Father's Day over the years, has not received maximum attention from many individuals. I became a bit surprised when i got to know some friends were unaware of this year's celebration on June 19th. Those who knew about the day were not willing to talk about it. They claim their fathers haven't done much in their up-bringing to deserve a commendation. Generally in Africa, many individuals have raised similar concerns about some fathers not playing their roles as expected.

The United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the child (Adopted in 1989 and Ratified in 1990 by UN member states) clearly states in article 18 that, parents(father and mother) have a joint responsibility in raising up their children. But as it is now, it seems most of the parental roles had been left for mothers alone to carry them out.On 18th June 2011(a day before Father's Day was marked), Joy FM, a private radio station in Accra reported the arrest of an 18 year-old teenage mother who allegedly buried her day-old baby in the Northern part of Ghana. Through interrogation by the police,the girl said she was compelled to do so because the man who impregnated her ran away. In my candid opinion, this to a large extent,wouldn't have happened if the gentleman accepted responsibility of that pregnancy. This is just one out of many instances where some fathers have abandoned their fatherly roles and cared less for the growth of their families.

What ever the case may be, I still strongly believe that Father's Day must be embraced by all. We need to appreciate and show gratitude to hardworking fathers. Some have really been able to look after their children very well -Being caring,loving and instilling discipline in their wards.

I hope this day will serve as a 'wake-up' call to fathers who are not performing their roles as expected. They should reflect over what ever they have done in the past years and try to carry out their roles well in the family. "Two heads are better than one" it is often said;or better still, "it takes two to tango". Mothers can't do it all alone. We need fathers on board to holistically raise children in the right way. Fathers must learn to spend quality time with their children and make sure they get the best in life.

From the deepest part of my heart, I say happy Father's Day to all fathers and father-like figures!

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