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Find Your Wings

Find Your Wings

Adjustment is a psychological and behavioral process of balancing thoughts with humans, most of the time. Sometimes a person goes with some difficulties and different aspects due to adjusting things. This can be a long or short time process; can be related to any relationships. You always try to make people happy whatever you have to do. In very simple words you adjust.

I know some people, they told me their stories how they spent whole life in adjusting things. Even I put myself in this consideration I myself having these contradictory conditions that I never wanted to do this still I am doing.

Stop making yourself which is you are not. Just feel free yourself from all the boundations

People have some common issues like, marital conflict, financial conflict, health issues with oneself/partner or dependent children, personal tragedy, loss of job or unstable employment conditions and more.

When we get some difficulties we have two options Right and Easy. What we choose that makes our identity.

Certain things those make you feel hanging out all the time. These are the feeling you are going with them from the ages and wanted to get rid of but felt unable to do it because you have to adjust to make your family, friends happy and comfortable.

Why don’t we have our own choices? Why do we have to make adjustments all the time? Why we cannot go freely anywhere we want? Some questions are rising in my mind?

Adjustment is a positive behavior if it is going to have a healthy relationship. If you are feeling down, if someone is putting you down, if you want to feel breaking free from your surroundings then it’s not better place for you.

You will have to leave. This is not wrong put your mind in a peaceful place.

One forgets itself in loving others and adjusting things. Lose Control. You would feel better.

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