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I have devoted my life to helping people with tissue related diseases.I may still be young but i want to focus on what i believe and i hope that you reading this post will also do the same.

If so kindly join Aiesec or any helping organization in your respective schools or contact me at and let's all make a change please.They need help and we must be ready to help them.

May God help us all

Photo: © UNICEF/NYHQ2011-1315/Marco Dormino, Haiti, 2011

Clodine (name changed), 16, covers her face as she awaits an antenatal consultation at the UNICEF-supported Community Clinic of Martissant, in the poor neighbourhood of Martissant, in Port-au-Prince, the capital. Clodine is six months pregnant and living with her aunt in a nearby displacement camp. “I broke up with my boyfriend because he carried a gun and lived a life of crime, even killing people,” she said about the father of her baby. “My mother didn't want me to stay with him.” Clodine is HIV-positive; her family does not know her status. “This clinic is helping me by giving me free medicine for my HIV, by making sure that I am healthy and by giving me food,” Clodine said.

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