Five Things to Consider Before Running a Startup

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Living abroad, I’ve realized that I miss my country Kyrgyzstan. I cannot bring it to Poland, but I can bring is some handmade authentic products from Central Asia, made especially for me. However, I can’t find any of these products in Warsaw. Many of my compatriots and lovers of handmade products are in the same situation. So I got together with like-minded people and we have decided to run startup project called

The idea is combining a retail online platform with social entrepreneurship. The project aims to help talented artisans from Central Asia to market their unique handmade items to customers online globally.

Here we go! There are five things to consider before running a startup.

First, you should start the business with a clear vision of the final result. In my case, it is the prosperity handicraft artisans in Central Asia and a big company, which could work without my presence.

Second, forget about illusions. A startup project is not about chilling and earning millions per hour. Well, maybe in the future, but definitely not in the beginning. It is a time-consuming and unceasing process without a fixed salary. From now on, the amount of your salary depends only on you.

Third, develop a corporate culture, which is not a simple thing to do. It is an ethical system that must please every co-founder. A corporate culture might seem ridiculous at first because it is something very serious when the startup doesn’t look very serious yet.

Fourth, cooperation is extremely important. Every day you should be prepared for a hundred meetings with different people. For my business, I meet with businessmen, handicraft artisans, vendors, journalists, photographers and IT programmers. People are different and everybody requires their own approach. You should be highly self-disciplined and time-organized, you and every member of your team. There are no office hours - you are not working for Fridays or weekends. The result is the only thing in your head.

Fifth, you should be super adjustable. Even if you have a responsible person for each sector, every member of the team should be multitasking, able to do a lot of things at the same time. A startup is a time and emotion consuming process.

BUT! A startup will give you unforgettable emotions, teach you the art of taking small steps, and make you appreciate time, people and funds. You will be sincerely happy when you will see your first results. The startup will become your baby that requires a lot of attention. In turn, it gives you experience, knowledge, new friends, some enemies, partners and a fulfilled social life. So, believe in your idea. Maybe you will wake up as a millionaire one day.

The most important thing is to have faith in the project!

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