For All: A Poem

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This is for the refugees that could never find the word “home” in the dictionaries of their lives.

This is for the immigrant parents that are trying to preserve their cultures within their children.

This is for the hopeful and the hopeless, dancing across a sea of shallow stereotypes and cultural limitations.

This is for the soldiers who use their weapons as words, and speak without meaning to innocent bystanders.

This is for Baba, who taught me that you should never look down when climbing a mountain.

This is for Mama, who gifted me with the ability to appreciate.

This is for the orphans of Baghdad, Ramadi, Damascus, and Haleb.

This is for the victims of the Al-Ameria bomb shelter, who’s bodies melted as the soldiers spoke.

This is for the ambitious youth of 3rd world countries, wanting to change the world with their bare hands.

This is for the divorced families, torn apart by differences and hardships.

This is for the immigration gate at JFK airport in New York City, for being the door to a billion stories of sorrow and triumph, our new Ellis.

This is for the bomb that visited my home 9 years ago.

This is for the activists who’s souls live in the cracks of the pavement they once marched upon.

This is for the artists who want to change the world, one brush stroke at a time.

This is for pain, struggle, and rain.

After all, we are all shades of the same color.

This is for you all, may your worries be few, and your happiness be plentiful.

This is for all those who I love and once loved.

This is for the relief workers who carry first-aid kits in their hearts.

This is for Iraq and all of its tears.

This is for the soldiers who decided not to speak, your silence is much appreciated.

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