Freedom of religion- what are your rights?

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I am going to write about one of the human rights, which is the freedom of religion. Freedom of religion is a universal right, which means that the whole world’s countries have it. It is the same with all human rights. They are universal and indivisible which means that no right is bigger than the other. The freedom of religion is very important for almost everyone. This right says that the human has the right to believe in whatever he/she wants and thinks (in a religious way) how he/she wants. The human also has the right to do his/her traditions and to celebrate feasts in other countries than his/her own.

Free religion

The human being has, in almost every country, the right to choose religion and what the person wants to believe in. You can for example believe in God and the Trinity like in the Christianity, or in many different Gods with different powers, such as Hinduism. Or maybe you do not want to believe in a God but in Karma and the ”Life circulation,” which means you are a Buddhist.

You also have the rights to convert to a different religion. You can also leave your religion and become an Atheist (someone who does not believe in any God).

Prevented rings

There are governments in many countries that do not have freedom of religion and do try to prevent people from converting or choosing a religion. There are even many countries that use violence if a person, for example converts to another religion different from the majority of their own country's. Other people can also try to prevent this right by using violence or starting a war.

In Sweden, it often happens that people get threatened, beaten or even murdered because they change or choose a different religion. You can sometimes read articles about a woman, for example, who has changed her religion, or married a man who has different religion, and was threatened because of it.


Freedom of religion does also involve rights to exert the religion and its traditions. This means that you can have celebrations and feasts that belong to your religion and you are free to use objects that you need for rituals and ceremonies. You do also have the freedom to spread, write, teach and educate within, communicate in a religious way and also use religious symbols.

Freedom of religion is as earlier mentioned one of the important human rights and it has many positive things but there are also things that are negative. For example, not every country follows these rights and many people are judged, threatened and beaten because of them. One of the positive things with this type of freedom is that you are free to believe in and do whatever you want and that is even more positive when it comes to how important religion is to people.

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