From a child labourer to child right activists: om prakash gurjar

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om prakash gurjar is a child's right activists in India who is known for winning the International Children's Peace Prize for his work in fighting for and promoting the right to education of children. His work involves the establishment of numerous bal mitra grams (child friendly villages) all over the country to shelter the children who are freed from harsh child labor. Having gone through a very different situation himself when he was 5, being a victim of child servitude, has dedicated his life to help his fellow youths escape the hard life of being a child labour. He actively promotes and fights for the rights of all children to have education. He believes that it is through education,children can grow up heading to the right direction. Inspired by his story, I have applied the 4 I's here and identified the group - migratory workers and then interrogate with them and found out what the real problem is. After this we investigated the problem thoroughly and came up with a viable solution. Now we are in the process of implementing the solution. As an individual what i can do is volunteer and help them.Individuals efforts does matter and make a difference in the society.

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