From One Young Girl to Another

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It saddens me to see how the morals, values and self-respect of today's young females, have simply been thrown out the window. What saddens me even more, is how this has become okay.
Every young girl wants to feel loved, accepted and special, it has always been that way...but the ways in which we go about attaining that feeling have changed dramatically, and not for the better.

I understand that times have changed, but it does not mean that how we females see ourselves have had to change too. We say that we are special and valuable and even call ourselves "queens" to emphasize the point, but it does not mean anything, those are just words. Our attitudes and behavior does not correspond with what we say.

I feel that us females have lost all respect for ourselves. We have become so "easy", allowing guys to take advantage of us and treat us in whatever manner they want. I cannot fathom how we have become okay with being the "side-chick". Does nobody else feel that there is something seriously wrong with that?

We have become so dependent on guys, that we have lost all ambition. If we actually worked hard to be successful, we wouldn't have to rely on a guy to take us out and buy us nice things. I ask myself how this generation of young girls got to be this way, and I suppose that the best answer to the question is: girls forgot their worth. That is the worst thing that could have happened to society- girls forgetting their worth.

Well, ladies... You are beautiful, valuable and special. You don't need to lose all respect for yourself to feel that way. I'll repeat that- You don't need to lose all respect for yourself to feel that way!

Let us not only remember our morals, values and how much we are worth (which is more than money can buy), but also treat ourselves with the respect we want from others.

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