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Tuesday,July 1 2014,a rainy public holiday commemorating Ghana's republic day when the nation totally weaned itself from British colonial some 54 years ago. I woke up the morning and opened twitter from my mobile phone for news updates of the day. Checking the stream of tweets pouring onto my timeline about Ghana,i decided to go a step further and read them one-by-one.

Come to realize,a middle class protest had broken off demanding accountable governance from President of the Ghana, John Dramani Mahama by pitching camp at the seat of government known as Flagstaff house in Accra,Ghana's capital. Their concerns were government's total disregard of the ordinary Ghanaian's well-being as citizens of the country and calls of government to stop unnecessary spending and focus on those 'bread and butter' it promised during 2012 general elections.

The protest,dubbed,"occupy flagstaff house" was state a case to President Mahama of harsh economic challenges currently being faced in the country and something be done to address those challenges.

You see,Ghana is very much endowed with rich natural resources that could go a long way to make lives better than present. The nation currently sits on large deposits of gold,bauxite,manganese,diamond,iron ore,water bodies, and recently we witnessed flow of crude oil off Cape Three Points in the west coast of the country. Like many other African countries who are equally rich in natural resources are poor or,at least majority of the people live in abject poverty while political class live lavishly.

However,there is a thriving middle class in many African cities Ghana included that is contributing immensely towards their country's growth and development even with the little infrastructure available. It is very important of any government to lay the right infrastructure on which private sector can nurture and grow their ideas which could go along way to benefit the country greatly but,what do we see?

Instead,government of the day once have captured political power decides on whatever it deems for the country which in many cases may not be what really bothers the country thereby wasting all every time it could have used cause positive change. I do not put blame on any government being it past or present knowing very well the presidency is a very difficult office to work. In order to ease the pressure off government a bit,i think it is always prudent to involve citizens in decision making process and listening to their views on how to make the nation great and strong. That is what makes a good democracy. Ghana can become the beacon of hope politicians have been touting if political elite reason on the same page with citizens by engaging them in national discussions without partisanship and let's build a nation.

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