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Imagine a world without girls. A world occupied by arrogant and naïve men. Imagine you have no mother to talk to when you are hurt or a girl to call a sister. Imagine a world where men give birth to boys and imagine a world where girls are extinct. Now, picture yourself close to the only girl in the world - What do you think she deserves? If your thoughts are positive towards life, then that's how every girl child should be treated, catered for and nurtured. Girls have come to stay, and women are there to nurture and show care to the less and high. Let's not terminate the efforts of the girl child - because of greed and power. We should all raise awareness and fight the evil that has fallen upon the girls of our generation. Educating each girl child today will set our nation on higher ground and will bring a change in what we once had as bad with girls. Let us set out peace, from lads to teens and from youths to adults located in rural and urban areas. I am an advocate for peace and justice, affiliated with every girl child - let our voices rise today and let every girl shine!

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