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Let us Raise the Standard

Let us Raise the Standard

Girls have rights -- like the right to Quality Education, Health Services, Good Food and Socioeconomic benefits, as well as Values. Yesterday at my intern station, I watched a program where in the northern part of Nigeria, 35% of teenagers and young ladies go through hard labour, suffer to feed, have no quality education and no comfortable bed to lay their heads. Teenage girls also have children from poor homes.

Values make us outstanding. It amalgamates us to the essential traits of life and also sparks our path towards it. Girls want to be treated with, ''WORTH'', not with vain statements and stigmatization due to minor faults. Our lives should affect every girls' rights and values. Girls need change. I am tired of seeing teenage girls, sent out of school due to school fees and sent out of local hospitals close to them due to trivial issues. ''The world we want, tells us that girls don't only have rights, but values as well''. Let US TREAT it that way.

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