Girls, You Have a Dream!

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Millions of girls around the globe are deprived of their rights to receive education. But, that's not the end. It can still be fixed. It's not too late just yet. Here's a message, for all those girls whose dreams are to go to school and be educated.

Education is everything. It"s a make or break. This will stop those wars which deprive you of your education, the violence and human trafficking which crush your dreams. Girls, you have a dream. You have a hope. And it's only right for you to fight and speak up for those dreams to come true. Look at Malala, a true diamond in the rough, she spoke up against those Talibans, because she didn't give up on her education. She layed her life on the line but her spirit only burned with more and more passion. So, why wait? Speak up for your rights to be educated. Let others hear you. And your life will turn a new leaf.

Thank you!

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