Giving a Voice: “Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business?


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Basically business indicates the state of being busy. Business itself is linked with almost every field of daily life such as agriculture, industry and medical etc. Every field means every kind of people. Business covers the whole world in fact. Everything directly or indirectly is linked with business. Business is itself a large platform where people meet each other. They are not only shared products or services but also knowledge and information. Business is the world. Something that is in business is surely in the world.

Similarly voices of youth in business is like voices of youth in the world. It means youth is directly linked to the world. It shows a clear view of importance of anything that is in business and especially voices of youth. Youth is a power that can turn anything. This can change anything and can solve every problem. Every page of history tells us how powerful the will of a young man is and when it is implemented it makes a new chapter in history. Youth is the future of the world.

When business supports young people, it supports the future of the world. When young people get involved in business, they shape future of the world. Most youth come with ideas that are creative and according to needs. Young people see the world at an angle of hope. Hope makes the world better and gives them strength to tackle global problems. They can give the world a new hope with better results.

Even if business supports youth, youth can provide the best results. Recently different companies such as Unilever supported young delegates to attend ‘One young World’ summit 2013 in Johannesburg. These delegates represented their innovative ideas in front of the young people from all around the world. It means they represented their ideas to whole world. These ideas will surely make world a better place.

Another example I want to give here is supporting youth and mentioning them in business gives them confidence. TV ads of different products involve young people in a positive sense, and a large number of young people can change positively. For example, a tooth paste commercial stars a child who daily washes his teeth and gets appreciated by his parents. All children watching the ad must wish to do the same; to be appreciated by his/her parents. Similarly an ad with a young boy with a proper time table who uses Nestle milk encourages other youngsters to watch that commercial to drink Nestle milk for success.

It is clear that consumers are directly linked with business products. After all, business must include youth directly or indirectly to make a real change in the world. And it can be done by youth’s involvement.




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