Global Awareness: Intended Benefits?

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Children of the modern era are tragically deemed to be victims of technology and development: all forms of advice and suggestions are admonished by them as old-fashioned and things of the past. What is truly appalling is that prevalent adages and quotations that were based on logical and coherent reasoning have eventually become disjointed, disoriented and misread with the passing of time. This deterioration does not occur only as time prolongs; it also transpires depending on the distance, the mindset of the populace that the message is given to, and chiefly, the one who conveys the general idea that is to be conveyed.

Facts and information that are put to the public are similarly misconceived; so we can erase out mainly, if any, the possibility of a “Global Awareness” program to establish global citizenship. The majority of people that consider themselves as part of the elitist, intellectual branch may be the only ones that recognize and appreciate the essence of the situation; however, content with the satisfaction that money and power grants, it is rare (but not impossible) for a visionary to emerge from these classes.

So how can we live in harmony and synchronization if an apparent “awareness spreading” is not sufficient? Harmony enables human beings to co-exist with others without causing physical or psychological harm. To create harmony, beliefs and notions that other customs pursue should be respected, so as to reduce the tussle that takes place within and amongst cultural diversities. The question “how” is unsparing and callous as people are normally unwilling to accept other convictions, primarily because they believethat they are right. Moral ethics cannot be preached and even if they provide the insight required to ensure communal harmony, how long will they remain embedded in the psyche? I feel that this problem requires swift, derisive action. It requires an action that does not encroach on the liberties and freedom people currently possess. People are free to their thoughts, but cannot be allowed to take any action that derides another of his or her privileges. And what, other than the law can implement it so keenly to minimize these prejudices and maximize equality?

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