Global Citizenship: Communications

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“Global” is a big word to use – it seems to us that the globe is so geographically large that it creates a mental barrier that separates us from other countries. To try to institute the idea of “Global Citizenship” is mentally vexing due to this overwhelming notion. However, the rate of advance in human technology has been so rapid that communication and travel are much easier and faster than before, so in terms of spreading messages worldwide, the world has become a much smaller place.

In a culture in which cell phones, pagers and internet chat rooms have become everyday modes of communication – we are on the verge of breaking down all blockades to the complete and constant travel of information. But if we seem to be moving towards an unfettered union, we can also be seen as being more isolated as individuals than we have ever been before.

As we enter into what has come to be known as the “Information Age,” every technological advance was touted as the solution to a myriad of problems. With more ways to pass along all types of information, the communication industry reasons that we have expanded across to the world at large.

However, regardless of the magnitude of man’s relationship with other fellow beings at different geographical locations, the establishment of this idea faces obstacles – and I feel these obstacles are, quite interestingly, created by us humans.

Due to this, I believe that human beings should rather focus on the acceptance of other beliefs and philosophy – if we truly believe to become “global citizens.”

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