Greening the Grey in Kwacha Community

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Chipemebele club members after inspecting an Orchard.

Chipemebele club members after inspecting an Orchard.

Chipembele is a club at Mitanto Secondary school in Kitwe, Zambia. It discusses more about the environment, like how to keep it clean and safe. It also works in collaboration with NGOs like UNICEF in Zambia. With the help of UNICEF, our club has contributed to the development of our community through sensitization in schools. We do exercises like tree planting which contributes to the maintainance of nature through oxygen production and provisioning of services like oxygen and beautifying our surroundings. We have planted some fruit trees around the school orchard like mangos, bananas and oranges. We also help out when it comes to weeding the school orchard. We have planted over 40 indigenous trees on the school premises. We also intend to plant 40 more indigenous trees at Lulamba Primary School in May.

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