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Lake Toba is the result of the eruption of a super volcano about 75 thousand years ago. It is located in North Sumatra, Indonesia with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide and a depth of 300-900 meters. This lake is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In the middle of this lake, there is a volcanic island called Samosir Island.

Lake Toba has been designated as one of 16 national strategic areas by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. Lake Toba is also considered to be a location geopark and was incorporated into the Global Geopark Network (GGN) by Unesco. Lake Toba is a worthy tourist destination for both leisure and business. Lake Toba is at the center of 6 counties that surround it and the place is also a source of livelihood for the local people in this area.

Most of the population on Lake Toba Batak are Christians. There are many legends about the history and the Lake Toba. Lake Toba is also used as a source of hydroelectric power plants to meet the needs of people in this area.
Lake Toba offers a variety of tourist attractions because of its the beauty. It is almost like a very beautiful blue ocean and then a lake surrounded by hills which makes this lake feels comfortable, and fresh suiting travelers for their various activities such as hiking, sailing, fishing, swimming, taking pictures, and sightseeing. Lake Toba has various types of accommodation facilities such as a guest house, home stays, villas, and hotels, all of which are directly opposite of the lake and so provide unforgettable memories every tourist visiting Lake Toba. There are also restaurants that are not too expensive. There are many shops that sell souvenirs such as handicrafts, fabrics typical of this area, and other trinkets with a variety in appearance in shape and size.

How to get there:
Ease of transportation is quite easy. If coming from the capital Jakarta, one could go by ship (takes 3 days) at a price of 300 thousand rupiahs. By bus which takes 3 days as well, it costs 300 thousand rupiahs. The most effective is through the air at a price ranging between 500 thousand. 1 million rupiahs in time 2 hour drive to the city of Medan, North Sumatra. From Medan, tourists can use a private car or bus which would take about 4 hours. When approaching the area of ​​Lake Toba, tourists can enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba Indonesia is a paradise.

Cultural Activities:
Each September, the government of North Sumatra performs routine activities as a the cultural preservation and conservation of Lake Toba called Lake Toba Festival. This activity can enhance Lake Toba in the eyes of the world. Tourists can not only enjoy the natural beauty of the lake, but can enjoy other attractions located around it, such as the island of Samosir, take a hanging rock tour, tuk tuk Siadong, a soda water bath in which Tarutung (soda water bath is the only one in Indonesia), and Sipiso piso waterfall (the highest waterfall in Indonesia). Lake Toba's whole attraction is indeed worth a raised thumb because it is a natural beauty that Indonesia could be great beyond.

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