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My name is Kateryna Kartashova, I was an official representative from the Ukraine in the special session in UN World Fit for Children +5(December 2007) and now I want to ask:

We were kids, and we’ve been told that all kids in the world need to be protected, and no matter what`s going on between grown up people kids’ rights are on top of everything! And we were listening… While you were lying!

I am grown up now, I am 22, I am married, and I don`t believe in your fairy tales! How can you say you are protecting all kids? Where? You are protecting your own working places...

How come you see kids in Africa but you don`t see kids in Palestine? How, tell me? It’s not fair! You are not fair! How comes Israel people can do whatever they want, not only with adults, but with the kids? Answer me, how don’t you see it? How can an 11 year old boy die for nothing, how is it that a little girl can die, and hundred others the same, for what? For your chairs? But you and your chairs are not worth it! Because you are sitting and enjoying the view from your windows!!!

You can blame me, but I dont believe you, and will not believe you, until you will do something! I will send u this message every week, every day, and not only to you, but to every email that I will find. Just do something!! Can’t you understand that Palestinian people trying to attract all kind of attention, just to get help, even that movie that they made, dont u understand why?

People!!!! Wake up!!!!!!!!

If you asked me to speak up 6 years ago and you were listening to me, so I think that I can speak up now from those Palestinian kids who are alive and those who died for nothing! Hope you still have your hearts in the right place, and still have that power that you were showing us in 2007 to fix problems!

Look around, kids are not only in Africa!

Best regards

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