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So many people I've come across have told me this, "The world is getting fatter"; "People are getting lazier nowadays"; "There aren't many good looking people around anymore."

Yes, I agree. Ever since the age of technology, people have been walking less and less compared to their ancestors. I know, because I am living in the so called "new generation", where most youngsters use a smartphone, drives a car, and spend time on socializing in settings such as clubs, bars, through drinking. Yes, alcohol. We party hard and make the most of our lives? Alcohol consumed in small amount is still fine but when consumed in high amounts will cause adverse effects.

The one flaw about this generation generation of humans is that, we neglect 'exercising'. It may be because we don't have time, or we're just lazy. Well, what I say to that is, make time for it. Laziness is contagious, it can spread from one person to another.

People should see that we all need some form of exercise in our life. It doesn't have to be "hard-core" exercising like hitting the gym or jogging 20 laps on the football field, but walking more, doing some stretches, playing sports, sweat! That's all we need in a day, to sweat!

Exercising helps our body in many ways. It improves blood circulation, makes our heart healthy, boosts our self-esteem. For the ageing, it prevents arthritis and a lot of back pain. For the guys, a healthy heart means more than you imagine! As for the girls, you won't be complaining about those cellulite forming or the belly fat that's growing!

As much as we all want to enjoy life, remember that exercising allows us to experience life in an even more intense way! For the teens out there, partying will feel like never before. Also when you grow old, you'll save yourselves from a lot of back aches to come. Don't neglect exercising in your lives. If you choose to neglect exercising, remember, that your future health is at risk here.

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