Helping others is the best teaching and learning experience


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I am very happy because during these four years my students and I have been helping people from different places. We went to rural areas and walked for many hours to visit different poor families in the north of Jujuy. We also went to share our time and experience with kids, young people and adults in several churches, hospitals, schools, among others, and we had the pleasure of playing, dancing, and singing with them for almost half of the day. At the beginning, in 2009, my students did not believe they could be able to help others. Nevertheless, they decided to start helping others or at least to visit the poor and the homeless to spend some hours with them.

Fortunately, that was the beginning of such a great experience! Nowadays we go on helping others. During these years, we have already visited more than two thousand people. We can not explain with words the lovely and meaningful experience that students and teachers have lived along these years. It changed our lives for ever.

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