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'The People' picture taken in Edinburgh, Scotland at the train station to London.

'The People' picture taken in Edinburgh, Scotland at the train station to London.

I want to create universes, parallel to this, using only a pen and a paper. Every time when I want to start writing, I unloved it. But it will flash me off whispering to me that this is the only medium that I can draw monsters and free them off from my imaginary prison without the fear of getting caught. It's like how the Tom Riddle's diary whispers to Harry in The Chamber of Secrets.

The sound of my mom crying when she got beaten up still echoes in my underground chambers inside my head. Now, I am 19 years old and it still haunts me every day.. why women are being fools for saving the last piece of marriage? My mom always sees the colors in people, forgive even she has never done any wrongs to them and it piqued me; where is the air of justice for this women? Why abuse cases seemed like a minuscule matter?

A gazillion of questions rummaging through my head and I am still boosting up my empathy on world's predicaments much more than ever. We need remedies, indeed.

Women need justice. Suppressed women around the world need voices.

Here in my home country, with careful attention, you will capture the nuances of mentality. Here is harmony and in peace but full of peculiar yet terrible mentalities. Add with unstable judgments like a Thousand Island sauce on top of your Subway club. Girls with or without hijab are criticised as if a feeling is a non-existent atom. Grades are far more vital than life lessons. Science background kids have a high, different value in the society than the art community, albeit, it balances science as much as a country needs government to stabilize every system. Who implemented this? Is there a light of cure?

It's a real hassle to turn blind eye to injustice in this tech-savvy era. Humanity and love are sugared and varnished, periodically. It saddens me a lot that loves doesn't seems like a connection anymore, the heart becomes a rusty metal while happiness is like a candy in 7-Eleven or any other instances that you could come up with. I wish we could alter that in 2 years time.. or 10 years more? I have no idea but I believe that everything will come back to the normal phase again. Soon.

To all the weak women and single mothers who voices cannot be heard, wherever they are hiding and how much they are struggling now, we will fight for you and humanity war is about to be break if they are tortured tremendously by heartless people. People who are stepped on the ground, you are doing fine. God has given you a massive love capacity more than us.There will be light soon for you to exit.

We might not go through the same pain daily,

We might not heal from a fever with the same amount of medications,

The wind muffled up on our ears never have the similar feel,

The gasps of our breath every morning might not have the same purpose,

The joy in our ribcages might not be the same as well as the tears we heaved,

But God will always be with us,

Looking after us under the same blue sky.

Some people able to savor their thoughts out loud while others might still crawl under their thoughts silently.

Some people may value art and morals while others value wealth and status.

After all, we live under the same blue sky by one will power. There is no discrete belief on that. Weak voices are still meant to be heard and need to be taken into account. Not crumpled like a stench of rubbish and ignored.

Every day, I wake up and hoping for a better future and better humanity for my women around the world, suppressed people around the world and my mom.

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