High schools in the United States fundraise for Japan

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The Japanese Parents Teachers Association (PTA) of Irvine high schools each hosted a bake sale at lunch time in early April to raise funds for the Japanese relief effort. The sale was held in Irvine High School, Woodbridge High School and University High School. “We paired up with Team Kids, a non-profit community organization in Irvine, because they are well-known for their lemonade stand,” said Hiroko Kondo, co-President of the Woodbridge High Japanese PTA. “We sold baked goods-either home-made or store bought-that were provided by Woodbridge High School and other community organizations.” The Japanese PTA got the inspiration for a bake sale after hearing the tragic news of the high number of casualties in Japan. “We wanted to do it when this crisis was fresh on the minds of everyone,” Kondo said. All proceeds will go to American Red Cross, which will transfer the donations to the Miyagi Prefecture’s Department of Education in Japan. “We chose to donate to Miyagi Prefecture because it had the most casualties in Japan,” said Miwa Sassone, co-President of the Woodbridge High Japanese PTA. “We wanted to help the area that was most devastated.” On the last day of the bake sale, Japanese students at Irvine High sold baked goods in the quad to assist the relief effort. Japanese-American Irene Sassone says she was grateful at the chance to help stabilize her home country: “It’s important that the profits are going toward education because students need to learn in order to rebuild their country. We earned quite a lot of money!”

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